Shot Blasting

Shot blasting is a process used to clean or prepare surfaces for further processing such as applying paint or carrying out welding work.

The blast mediums are abrasive particles called shot and are blasted via compressed air through nozzles aimed at the metal surface or components.

Different types of shot can be used depending on the finish you require.

The finer the shot, the smoother the finish.

Shot blasting is widely used in almost every industry: aerospace, automotive, construction, foundry, ship making, rail etc

The process removes oil, dirt, lubricants, mill scale, grease, metal oxides and welding scale.

Shot blasting is completed in a blast room which has a recycling process and is environmentally friendly.

Shot blasting prior to powder coating gives the best possible surface for the application of the powder.

This gives quick and effective results and has capabilities for small and large quantities.

Benefits of Shot Blasting


  • EXCLUDES the use of non eco friendly chemicals or processes.
  • ELIMINATES the surface from all chemicals, deposits, scales and dust.
  • PROVIDES higher production rates.
  • FACILITATES the formation bond between the shot blasted surface and the protective coat.
  • INCREASES longevity and durability of the protective coat as adheres better.
  • UNIFORM, fine and smooth, consistency all over.